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About Us


Graham Surveys is pleased to have you visit our site.

The members of our firm consider ourselves an integrated team of people and thus use the word “we” when describing the firm and its activities.

Graham Surveys, incorporated in 1979 as Derek G. Graham Limited, provides Professional Surveying Services to both the private and public sector.

We work in conjunction with many private professional engineering, land use planning organizations, law firms and government bodies at all levels in order to provide a wide variety of clientele with a resource centre for a consistent state of the art professional service.

Coming from a strong management level background in the private communication and regulatory sector, Alex(andra) F. Graham left CTV as Program Promotion Manager in 1974 to enter family life. Since the Fall of 1979, she has provided the required management systems and quality control that allows for one of our stated goals: “To provide for not missing a deadline and never going over an estimate for professional services rendered”.

It is very important to us that the firm's opinions and reports are to be delivered in many fashions to the client in a clear and understandable way.  Thus, to paraphrase, “the medium has been the message.”  We do not share with third parties any information that our initial client has contracted for without the original client’s specific permission.

Derek G. Graham OLS OLIP left a large local firm to found a consumer related, 'hands on practice' with the OLS surveyor always being in the field directly supervising the party chiefs, instrument persons, technicians and other professional staff.  There are no intermediate steps to interpret between the field staff's technical work and the final opinion.  This method assures the client that the highest professional standard is attained consistently and with confidentiality. 

The basic philosophy is to work with and employ good people with a variety of backgrounds to have the service delivered as economically as possible.  All of this is meeting and surpassing all the statutory and regulatory provisions of Canadian and Ontario law.

We do carry professional liability insurance, as is required of all members of the Association of Ontario land Surveyors.  We are proud to point out, due to our ‘hands on’ level of quality control and conservative business practices, our unblemished record of never having been sued.  We never have had to rely upon our professional or other liability insurance.

We believe we were the first professional surveying firm to be ‘up and running’ in Wellington County when cadastral surveying had the wonderful opportunity of computer aided drafting (CAD) made available. The savings with this type of product delivery unfortunately did leave behind the ‘hand’ drafting as a passing art.

Enabled by this new technology, we passed on this efficiency to our many clients.

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