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Associations and Professional Groups
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors http://www.aols.org/home.asp
Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors (TAPS) http://www.taps-inc.com/
An American website by NSPS on surveying careers. http://www.surveyingcareer.com/
Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors http://www.wsls.org/
Surveying and Engineering URLs
 Howard W. Brunner, P.L.S http://www.howardbrunner.com/
 Gamsby and Mannerow Engineers http://www.gamsby.com/
 GeoDatum Inc. http://www.geodatum.com/
Articles by Knud E Hermansen http://www.umaine.edu/set/svt/Articles/index.html
Search Engine
 Google http://www.google.ca

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